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Hey guys,

I don't know if this has come up before, I've searched for a solution but didn't find one.

I'm using XBMC with a Harmony One remote, programmed in the standard setup which I found on a 'how to' on these forums.

My list of movies in XBMC is way too long and clicking through to get to the middle is slow going, even using the page down.

I want to program the numeric keys on my Harmony One to perform a Shift + Letter command so that for example numeric key 3 (D E F) would do a Shift + D command and take me to D and I could arrow down or page down from there, key 4 (G H I) takes me to G and so on.

Problem is I can't seem to make the Harmony One do a simultaneous command like that, or can I? Has anyone else does this?
Assuming that your Harmony sends keypresses you would have to edit your keyboard.xml in a way something like this

<"name of video list window">
<four>d mod "shift"</four>
</"name of video list window">

I didn't know the Shift+letter command - I will try to fix my own keyboard.xml to work the way you are suggesting. I'll be back with the right syntax unless someone else beats me to it :-)

Flirc now has a forum: forum.flirc.tv
hahahahahhaha, I didn't know about the shift+letter thing either...wow that is a nice feature....this is why i love xbmc, I'm always learning.

you can also try the MCEReomte add-on, or the MceRemoteMapper both are easy...but MceRemoteMapper is the simplest with less understanding of coding needed

visit this website for more info Smile
I followed the link to the other thread and downloaded the keyboard.xml file that someone suggested in there, has done the trick for what I was looking for Smile

As an aside though, it doesn't seem to do everything it promises eg I can't get it to update my library as per the web page suggested.

Anyway, thanks for the responses, problem solved.
I was actually looking at those links the other day without really getting the picture. So please tell me:

1. Is "JumpSMS2" an action just to be assigned to a <button>. It doesn't show in http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Action_IDs

2. Do scripts and programmes have their own windowID? In a perfect world I want the number keys to work:
- as numbers in fullscreenvideo and teletext
- as jumpSMS in music/artist/video-library-mode
- as shortcuts for my favourite free national tv-channels in all other windows.
Because I cannot define the windowID of the teletext addon, I have to use the numbers as a global command.
it all depends what coding language you are using and what OS it is under...thats why id say just use a GUI unless you absolutely have no other choice
I'm using the Harmony One as well with a standard install of Openelec and using the numeric key 3 (D E F) it jumps straight to the letter I want.
One push - to D once again E and again to F.
Like I said I`m using Openelec and it works out of the box Huh?
In the Harmony I used the standard XBMC profil ....
Might be worth while checking your Profil - Harmony that is .....
Well, I'm using Windows Vista and MCE Remote. The Harmony 525 sends the keypress 1 by pressing 1. I guess I need to make the coding in keyboard.xml in order to get different functions from the keys in different windows.
However, when I put <two>JumpSMS2</two> into my keyboard.xml (as in the v1.84) it doesn't make anything happen. Is jumpsms no good in Windows-pc?
Another question - I thought XBMC wasn't case-sensitive and shift-key wouldn't work. I guess that's not necessary the case :-)
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