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Xbmc rules, now can we get some change management
hi folks,

xbmc is a great development initiative; i also enjoy seeing all of the new features that come about in each new build.

however, the user manual is falling behind at a rapid rate. i was tempted to offer some of my time to help bring it up to date but with the volley of new features that come about, it looks too overwhelming ... and frustrating.

is there any value in putting the perverbial "stake in the sand" ;-) and focusing on stabilising efforts only? i feel it would go a long ways in moving towards an xbmc 1.2.0 initiative.

anyway, my 2c worth,

yes, i agree the manual is falling behind.

i suggest getting in contact with lossol93 who has also suggested he may be available to help work on the manual in the near future.

the main thing imo is getting it organised so that others can join in and write notes on specifics. once it's organised in a logical manner, with pages created (not filled with content) for what is needed, then it becomes much easier for people to contribute, as all they need to do is edit the one page.

there was some work a while back into reorganising the manual which might be a place to start - there's a link down the bottom of the main page to the new organisation. not sure if this is better or not - there is also a thread on these forums regarding it.

the main thing we need is a couple of people who are good at organisation to sit down and plan it out, then create page stubs for each needed section. once that is done, we then can appeal for people to help submit/cleanup/do page layout/add screenshots and so on.

ceasing new feature development while this occurs is imo not all that beneficial at this stage, although when the team decides that it's time for v1.2 or whatever comes next, there will be a period of a month or so for bugbashing only.

i'm more than happy to help with the manual project, but my time is ofcourse limited.

it is encouraging to see a post like this - i will do everything i can to support you if you decide to take a crack at the manual stuff.

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