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[REQUEST] Script to generate tone to keep speakers from going to stand-by
I would like to get the Maxell SSB-1 speakers to give a low-profile audio upgrade to our tv, but the reviews all indicate that there is an automatic sleep timer that is extremely short (only duration listed said "several seconds") and that it has a 5-8 second delay when coming back. Obviously this would be an issue for pausing and even starting videos.

SSB-1 Specs:
Model: SSB-1
·Color: Black
Front Subwoofer
Impedance .........3 Ω Impedance .........6 Ω
Rated Power......10W Rated Power......30W
·Power Requirements: AC120V - 60Hz
·Power Consumption: 6.5W
·Configuration: 2.1 Channel System With 7.5W x 2 + 15W
·Sensitivity: 500mv/47KΩ
·Frequency: 40Hz - 20KHz (+0 / -3dB)
·Input: Two 3.5mm Aux Jacks For MP3 Compatibility
·Item #: 193002
·Item UPC #: 0-25215-19928-8
·Item Pack Size: (LxWxH) 23"x2"x8.5"
·Item Pack Weight: 3.55 lbs
·Case Carton UPC #: 100-25215-19288-0
·Case Pk./Carton Size: (6) 25.6"x10.35"x12.48"
·Carton Cube/Weight: 1.91/14.5 lbs

So here's the plan: I would like to script/have scripted something that could generate a tone (20-40Hz) anytime that XBMC does not have the screensaver activated that could keep the speakers from sleeping. As well as possibly a system menu entry to enable/disable it and even change the frequency. I've sent Maxell's tech support a message asking about the frequency range that it recognizes and would keep it from sleeping, but I'm assuming that I'll just have to play with it until I get it right.

Although I have a little background in simple C++, I'm not sure where to start with a XBMC add-on so any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you
Forgive me for stating the obvious, but what about getting different speakers that don't have this issue? Of course, if you are viewing this as a technical challenge and a fun project to undertake, then by all means continue... I know the feeling. Smile
It's both actually. I can't find anything else of that form factor (sleek, under tv) for that price range and about the level of power that I'm looking for (small room); as well as the challenge since this would hopefully only be a simple script that I could learn a bit on.

I'm just really lost on how to start or even how a typical add-on like this would flow. Actually, I'm also not sure if this is even a video or audio based request since it would only generate audio, but applies to both music and videos.

EDIT: Perhaps I should move this to the development forum though I'm not sure if a [REQUEST] is appropriate there.
Got a response from Maxell on this:
Quote:Thank you for contacting Maxell Technical Support.

The numbers you seem to be looking at are the frequency response.

However, i checked into this and my understanding is that the frequency is not what would affect whether the Soundbar shuts down or not. Instead the amplitude (or input level) is what you would need to look at. The unit shuts down after 1 minute if the input level falls below 10 mv.

Beyond this info, I am attaching a copy of the SSB-1 manual which has the specs around page 8 of the PDF.

Again, thank you for contacting Maxell.
Christopher S.
That certainly is helpful, but it doesn't answer the question of what frequency range does it recognize as an input. Perhaps (and hopefully) what he means is that any frequency would work, and it isn't actually watching for an input range. That could cause some noise to come through, but maybe not.
Hmm, in that case, I'll just have to try my hand at it. I should probably close this thread (well, not truly of course) and start the conversation in either the Service add-on or the Python development add-on. The question is which? Are all add-ons python based?

EDIT: I've created a thread in the Python Add-on Development forum to try to start working on this. So this thread should be considered closed. Thank you for helping/looking.

[REQUEST] Script to generate tone to keep speakers from going to stand-by51