Linux -  Music isn't scraped automatically
Hey everyone,

I run into a strange problem, and I don't really understand it. When I add my music folder to xbmc, and scan it to the library, it starts to create the database and also downloading a picture for the artist (thumb and background).
But, there's no information collected about the artist, nor about the albums, unless I do it manually for every single item.

I tried and musicbrainz - same result. Allmusic is flagged as broken, but even after disabeling it, it keeps showing up in the context menu of the scraping.

Does anybody have an idea what that could be? Any help is greatly appreciated!

to download artist/album info in a library update you need to have an option checked in settings:

System > Music > Library > Download additional information during updates
Thank you very much for the reply. It is actually already selected.
It's really strange, after the Allmusic addon was broken, the selection of the default scraper didn't have any effect any more on the artists. I basically would have needed to change the scraper for every artist "by hand".

If anybody has the same problem, what I ended up doing, is deleting the entire Music db from outside xbmc (./XBMC/userdata/Database/MyMusicX.db). Removing the source and rescanning it wasn't enough.
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