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XBMC Skins/Programs Causing Reboot Crash
Ok, so... I've spent several hours trying to troubleshoot this.

Basically, when I go to the Programs menu or Appearance menu, my system crashes and power light flashes. I have to turn off the power supply and reboot. The system was working fine for several weeks... all this happened when I got errors messages that programs are broken or need to be updated. The system kept crashing and would restart with the default Confulence skin. I can't get to the screens to update without crashing nor can I figure out how to start with a fresh install.

My system was working fine until I got some "broken" error messages from "all music" add-ons and some skins.

I think something is corrupt. But when I uninstall XBMC and re-install, I can see it did not erase everything, my old broken skins are there and the system crashes as usual. This is after going and deleting everything from the user/app_data folder.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I have logs here:

Posted reply here, wasn't paying attention:
Image [RELEASE] Metroid
Image [RELEASE] IrcChat

XBMC Skins/Programs Causing Reboot Crash00