XBMC Library Sync Thumbnails possible alternative?
hey guys i have had my library and thumbnails synced between my two machines both running openelec and i had noticed a lag when going into movies or tv shows folder after much research it appears to be because the thumbnails and metadata is stored remotely on my server it causes a slight delay as that drive spins up and it connect via the network to my xbmc boxes

i was thinking of re-doing this library but thinking of alternatives to use to stop these annoying lags one is to simply create the library on my local machine after setting up the mysql database then copying the completed thumbnails folder from the machine i added it to and make a copy in the thumbnails folder on the second machine

however everytime i get new movies and they get scanned i would i have to copy those new thumbnails across to the second machine which would also mean have to turn on the second machine just to do this

another alternative i actually came across was to store all the thumbnails on a flash drive as it does not require spinning up hopefully it would not cause that delay however with the lower read speed of those flash drive would it still cause a lag but for a different reason of course this probably could be eliminated by using a SSD instead however it seems a little pointless and expensive to purchase a SSD just to store metadata

does anyone have any thoughts on these option or can recommend alternatives would love to hear them before starting a whole new library build
Well, Frodo that is in development solves this problem with the thumbnails and basically does what you want. I can tell you that using an SSD drive on the network to store the shared thumbnails won't solve your couple second delay when accessing the library. My thumbnails and mysql database are on a server running off an SSD drive and I still have the delay.

Best option, IMO, rather than going through a whole library rebuild is either try the Frodo alphas or wait for Frodo.
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