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Windows - Direct Sound or Wasapi?
Hello people,

I have a HTPC with a Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D.
In Audio Settings i use Analog Output and 5.1 Channels.

In the Audio Output device, i can choose Direct Sound or Wasapi. What is the best for my configuration? I don't know the difference between both.
Hi Guys,

I would have pretty much the same question.
Also i can't figure out how could i use volume amplification. It's always greyed out. I guess this happens because my configuration is not correct.
Any help would be appreciated!

Not sure if this clarifies anything for you, but I've just been playing with the audio configuration and I found that when WASAPI was in use my two Front L and Front R speakers played what should have been coming out of the rear surround speakers. When directsound was in use everything was as it should be. However, others have said that they prefer WASAPI so I guess it depends on the system. If you can't hear a difference I'd guess it doesn't matter.
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I have the same question. Prior to the new AE i could use Wasapi. Now however on Frodo Alpha2 I get no sound when i choose wasapi.
good afternoon
I have exactly the same problem! a2 in the 8th WASAPI used the system, but from the alpha of the 13th, what happens is that the HD movies with DTS sound is muted, you can not DTS sound, but with the alpha2 release on the 8th DTS sound gave HD with DTS sound as I wanted! and have experimented with the remaining 13, 14, 15 and 16 and still in it! but if I put appears DirectSound multichannel sound, but without sound
In analog mode, direct sound will probably work best as you will not be bitstreaming to an external receiver, the conversion happens at the PC level.

In digital mode (HDMI or SPDIF) WASAPI would be best as it passes unprocessed data 'as is' to the receiver to be played and does not allow other windows sounds to interfere or get added to the mix.

That being said, not all PCs are compatible with the modes, so it may just come down to whatever works best for you.

If you cant control, you probably have "DTS Capable receiver" checked off along with some of the other checkmarks, if you uncheck everything you can control the volume, HOWEVER, you are no longer getting pure bitstreaming to your receiver as your PC is now making sure the audio it outputs is compatible with the receiver. --- it is best to control audio with your receiver, not your PC, although it isn't as slick as you will need more remotes!!
I use Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound to play audio, and I found that I have a sample rate limitation of maximum 200k.
I use Windows 7, and I found out that in Windows 7, DirectSound use WASAPI.
I want to know what is the max sample rate of WASAPI. Does DirectSound is limited to the same maximum sample rate of WASAPI?
Anyway, I want to know if there is a way of playing audio in rate greater than 200k (with DirectSound, WASAPI or something else).
Old post I know but, was having issues with my XBMC audio, where if using 5.1 I was getting constant crackling/popping during loud parts of movies... regardless if was AAC, AC3 or DTS. If the option was there for 2.0, if I switched to that track the audio was fine.

I was on WASAPI, I switched to DIrectSound and the problem was fixed.

I have a very simple setup... Computer connects to the TV with an HDMI cable... that's all. Just a stereo TV, no sound bar, receiver or 5.1 speakers.

Found this thread when researching the difference between WASAPI and Direct, thought I'd post in case someone else was having the same issues.
Operating System: OpenElec with KODI 17
System: Intel Core2Quad 2.67Ghz Q9450/ 4GB PC6400 DDR2 Memory/ MSI GeForce GT 710 2GB
Remote: Sony Remote (RM-VZ320) and Flirc Streacom iR Receiver
Display: 40" Sony Bravia HDTV

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