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Maybe the feature is already there but I cannot find it (or in an addon?)

One thing that I'd love, is a button on the homepage that sends me to what I am currently viewing AFTER starting xbmc (could be a playlist or something else).

It would be for a bunch of TV shows I have started watching and not finished, a movie I started in my previous run of XBMC and not finished, etc...

The reason behind asking for this is very often I will start a movie and only watch half of it.
Then I quit xbmc, as I only use it for media and it's therefore not on 24/7.
When I restart it later to finish watching this movie, I have to look for it manually, and with a big library it can be quite a hassle...

Same for TV shows, even if I finished one episode and want to see the next, I have to go back to the show, then the season...

Watchlist script does exactly that.

A lot of current skins use it including XeeBo.
Awesome, thank you!

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