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You know how after your media is scraped, the media info shows you what codec your file is encoded in, what resolution it is, the aspect ratio etc etc etc... some of the skins even show you the studio it was released from!!! I'm Hoping that we can get a little 3d symbol here or a Half-SBS, Full-SBS Symbol... or all of the above? I have started to amass a great collection of 3D movies (SBS) that I can play from XBMC. However I would like to know which files are 3d versions of the films. I sometimes have a 3d version and a regular version and without starting each file, I don't know which is which (Murphy's Law that I always pick the wrong one).

It would be great if there were a way to filter 3d files as well. My library is very large, and I sometimes have trouble remembering which films I have in 3d. I might be in the mood to sit down and watch a 3d movie on my 3d Plasma, but I can't always find them mixed in among other files? Or I get all psyched to watch a movie on my non-3d Projector, only to realize that movie I had my heart set on is a 3d version...

Some of the skins support "cases", whether it be DVD cases, or Blu-ray cases, Can we get a 3d-Blu-ray case that will show us that a particular file is meant to be viewed in 3d.

I have no idea if it is possible, but what about movie thumbnails/posters/covers that actually say 3d on them. Having the 3d version of the cover...

Maybe instead of the media scraper changing the title of my file to match the movie, it can somehow leave the "3d" part in the title. So that "John Carter - 3D" shows up instead of just "John Carter".

Also, I know that in one of the skins, there are two fields on the home screen for movies. One is called "movies" and it features all the SD movies in a library. The other is "HD Movies" and it features all the (you guessed it) HD movies from the users library. Is there a way that we can create a "3D - Movies" section?

I'm not a programmer, and owe a lot of thanks to all the brilliant people out there who pour their heart and soul into projects like this... I know that the XBMC team have come up with what i believe to be the best media center out there, and years ahead of any other programs... With all the 3d content becoming available, I want to see XBMC continue to be ahead of the pack and have more support for 3d.

I honestly don't know how hard it would be to implement any or all of these ideas... I don't even know if any of them are possible let alone plausible.... But this is a section for suggestions, so these are mine.

Post your comments or other ideas, I know a lot of users don't think 3d will ever truly take off... so please don't bother telling me your thoughts on that. I personally love 3d and believe that as the hardware becomes more widely available, more media will be available. As long as I am able to get 3d content, I will continue to watch it.

You appear to be able to get 3D cases in some skins:

(Something to look into in the meantime)

Flirc now has a forum: forum.flirc.tv
I am looking exactly for the same thing... I just want a little 3D Icon for 3D Movies so you can easily see if it is 3D or not.
use XBMC nightly builds, there you have the 3D icons in stock skin (no idea how other skins handle it)
Aeon Nox has 3D BD/DVD icon. Name your files like 'Pacific Rim.3D.SBS.mkv'. You can download gotham compatible skin from http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=185290
Nox should not do filename parsing for 3D but use the new infobool (infobool is calculated once while filename parsing is done for every single frame rendered I've been told)
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