Two positions for extrafanart?

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Hi ronie!

First thanks a lot for your realy great theme! I'm using it since you have postet the first version and never tryed another theme, because transparency realy great!

One question, my music is because of cdart clustered like this:
Interpret -> Album -> CD1
-> CD2

Because for cd1 and cd2 I have different cdarts.
But then I have a problem with extrafanart, because transparency search for it in Interpret -> Album but it is in Interpret.

Is there a way to modify your skin to search in the two directories?
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nope, these artwork types not natively supported by xbmc,
require you to follow a strict directory structure, else they won't work.

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I wish there was a way to hold the extrafanart in the Thumbnails folder of XBMC. I use an unRAID server to host my media along with mysql and since the extrafanart files live in each movie folder, XBMC needs to read the jpg from the server; this requires the hard drive to be spin up. Scrolling through my movie / tv show list is unusable with extrafanart; too many lockups while drives are spun up.

With the new Thumbnails caching features of Frodo and storing links in the database for fanart/thumbnail, it would be nice to store the links for the extrafanart in the database as well, and then cache the extrafanart locally in the Thumbnails folder.

Maybe if extrafanart ever became native to xbmc this will be implemented...
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