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Linux - tvheadend enhancements (I'm working on)

I'll take a look when I get a chance.
You don't need to. I've compiled latest version and this problem don't exist. So, I'll close this issue, this is already fixed.

My personal suggestions for enchancements after I test latest sources:
- add signal quality indicators again
- teletext issue: something is wrong with characters encoding (not sure if this is tvheadend or xbmc issue), my teletext looks like this: - some charecters are displayed incorrectly (for example, '@' instead of 'ą', space instead of 'ś' etc.)

HI all, I have an issue which is becoming annoying an wonder if anyone can help. I have changed my lounge setup from OpenElec 1.95.5 to using LinuxMint v13 64 bit and Install XBMC-PVR with TVHeadend from the Pulse-Eight Repo. OpenElec used to install TVHeadend v 2.1.3 but now I am on the latest on Pulse-Eight Repo. Unfortunatley in the upgrade I have broken something, Live TV is unusable. Here in NZ we are on DVB-T with x264 codec, AC3 for audio and I am using a Hauppage 1200 DVB-T card but after about 10 mins of live TV the picture starts to stutter. I can change channel and it come right for a little while but It still stops after a while. I cannot record anything as after about 15 mins TVHeadend must crash completely as I cannot access it from XBMC or the web browser. The error I see in the log is Transport Error Indicator. I never had this problem with OpenElec. Is it because now I am on 64-Bit? any suggestions? cheers - Nathan
I assume you have another machine to record the olympics! Or are you sick of watching Kiwis winning more gold than Australia? Smile

I think that warrants a separate topic.


Who cares about the Kiwis and Aussies Wink I've been watching the cycling and I'm not sure the Aussies even bothered to turn up Wink

Nope I missed the events a wanted to watch due to it failing to record Lol. For a small country we doing ok Big Grin

Adam - I dont like starting topics in case it just me being a dumb dumb Huh
Seriously don't worry most people on here (there are some Wink ) won't bite Smile

It's just if you bury stuff in threads like this its likely to be missed by people who might be able to help.

Adam I've compiled the latest git version with your EPG update and have left it to work and it has nicely picked up epg data for freesat, the only thing i'm not sure how to do is get it to sort the channel numbers out, could you advise me what i need to do please.
Hello there,
Well i am a fan of tvheadend... Mind you I do have windows machines with mediaportal and
also using xbmc margo build with mediaportal backend... I am a Na user and needless
to say There is alot of people here in Na that want to use this products.. I Finally have
tvheadend installed... I am using a genpix tuner qpsk and 8psk... There are a few things
that i would really love to see included in headend...

1. Sort channels by Sid.
2. Number Channels By Sid
3. Being able to slow the tuner down when scanning "I had to manually put in every channel by hand.. which was insane..
4. I had to bandstack Left Lnbs in order to get it to work...

Other then that it works and works well... I am happy with it also it uses way less resources then windows cause
of course it is linux... Lars, Using your xbmc platform... Works really good and happy with it... As for tv head end it has
some lacking.. Especially for Na users... Alot of people would love this if it was a little simpler... But i am not complaining
it is what it is for right now... If there is any insight how to slow the tuner scanning down would greatly appreciate it...
As being it is so fast it doesn't pick up the service names....

Thanks for all the work you guys do...
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Ok, so I've got the latest git version installed. The EPG/channels are fine in the webUI. Problem is, it looks like this inside XBMC:

The channel icons represent the real order of the channels, and if you select any of the entries then that is the channel you get. The channel names/events are completely mixed up, e.g. with BBC 2 you can actually see it's all 100% correct, icon/channel/event. Then you have #8, which has the right icon, the right channel name and the wrong entry.

The timeline view is even more messed up. Random order of channels that has nothing to do with the set order you can see in the above view, so can't really tell what anything actually is.

Any ideas? Sad

Edit: I know in that screenshot 2 channels are set to #4, I've changed it since and wiped the XBMC EPG database, no change at all.

Edit2: It's importing names channels that aren't even mapped/enabled, really not sure what's going on

Edit3: Reenabled all of the disabled channels, which I'd done to make mapping quicker. Channel/Event/Icon order has returned to normal for everything, guess there's a bug with disabling channels eh.

Edit3: fml I just wasted a lot of time. I didn't delete TV20.db, just Epg. Deleting that was the fix, not anything else. Ignore all of this.
Sorry I hadn't had a chance to reply, indeed TVH and XBMC can get out of step if you wipe config in TVH. I hope to try and take a look at this at some point in co-operation with the XBMC guys, but I've not had time yet.

On a general note, I think this thread has exceeded its life. It was here to just give some basic ideas on what I was up to, however things have moved on a LOT since I started the thread. TVH is now a community project and all the work related to this thread is now part of the mainline TVH code.

So can I suggest that we draw a line under this thread and if people have specific issues with the new code (or anything else) they start new threads or raise tickets at (for TVH stuff).


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