Help Me Please MovieDB Scraper Writer !!
Hi There,
The more i think about this the more i think this must be done by the scraper.
I currently use theMovieDB Scraper. Which works perfectly except for no inergration of Directors Cut, Special Edition, Theatrical Edtion Tags.
If my movie is named for example.....
Terminator 2 (DC) -1991
The (DC) obviosly standing for Directors cut in this instance, can you tell me if this is possible. Can some clever bugger out there rewrie the scraper to ignore the section in brackets
so the scraper will only see
Terminator 2 - 1991
Thus get the corect info from movie data base, (Instead of finding nothing or some bizzareo thing), and then edit the movie title sticking the (DC) back into the movie title before ading it to my movie list.
Thus my movie will be found, scaped, and added to my movie list with its tag, being (DC)directors cut (SE)special edition (TC)theatrical cut etc etc etc.
This would make me really happy.
And would be willing to pay someone to make this happen for me, as i have triedto write my own scraper, but hahahahahahaha, what a disaster that turned out to be.
So thanks in advance you Scraper Writers.
I hope you an help, as i think there are more people than just Myself who want this to happen by the look of he threads, but no one seemstohave figured it out yet, but i think this way is the easiest and best.

Cheers All
Big Grin
What... No One here can do this ?
Does anyone here know how this proggy works, or are we all just here looking for answers?
Can i get from somewhere, TheMovieDB scraper, and open it and edit it somehow to do what i am after, or could someone clever do it for me?
Or who wrote that scraper, i cant seem to find that out on the net. But if i could find who wrote it perhaps they could make the changes I am after.

This is a great idea, I cant understand why it hasnt been implemented yet Huh
is this thing on ?

1. Post in the appropriate section - you are not wanting to develop a scraper.
2. Post an appropriate thread title so that those who have the knowledge may spot it and do something about it.
3. The first bit you want is cleaning of the title. IIRC there's a regexp for that - not sure if it's alterable - check advancedsettings.xml (wiki) in the wiki.
4. The second bit you want is doable at the skinning level - this is how "bluray" is picked up for example.

I shall move your post accordingly.
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Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
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Thanks JMashall, Hopefully now someone will know what im on about.... MAybe even find it doable !!! LOL
Ok, Can anyone at least point me in the direction of the developer of the moviedb scraper?
Why not change the folder names and use them for lookup. Then have "DC" in the file name and alter the skin (post in the skin specific forum for help) to show a specific texture.
Hello Live4ever,
Thanks for your idea, Although I really dont understand what you mean.
Im guessing you want me to take the (DC) out of the folder name but leave the rest as is.
I have the movie, the subtitles, the movie poster and the movies dvd cover all in the same folder, all with the same name.
I guess the scraper can be told to get the movie names from the folder. (I cant see where)
And I have tried about 10 other skins, but none are as simple to operate or as nice as confluence, although I really want a random selection at the top of the screen instead of the 5 last added movies (I really dont see the point in that, I know what i just added).
Sorry, I digress. Several other skins do all these wonderful things, but none look as nice as confluence.
Whoa, Im way off topic here.....
The (DC) idea, I think i need to talk to the developer of the scraper. If i can find them, That will be my next project. But how simple is this idea, and how much of a great idea, You could literally tag your movies with whatever you wanted without interfering with the scraper.
Movie Title (TAG) - YEAR, The scraper gets the movie title, ignores the tag, gets the year. Looks up the movie, Gets the correct title Adds your Tag back on and sticks it in the movie list. Simple, and very functional.
Anyhow, thanks for your input, nice to see someone answers.
Rev Col

A message for the coder/write of the MovieDB scraper.
number 1, thanks, I, probably like most oher XBMC users use this Scraper. Great stuff.
Due to this i have now, become well versed at updating and adding info to The Movie DB.

Number 2, and the real reason Im here, I would like an addition made to the Scraper.

I would really love the scraper to ignore anything in the title in brackets, then add that info in the brackets back into the title of the movie in the movies data base list.

Example, my movie list contains

"Blade Runner (DC) - 1982"

The scraper reads this, ignores the (DC), thus scrapes as "Blade Runner - 1982"

The scraper can now find my movie, and enter all the details into my datbase, but adds the (DC) back into the title. So now in my movie list i have just what i should have "Blade Runner (DC) - 1982".

I think this would be a great addition as people could add tags to their movies which could mean so many things, especially now with so many movies having (UR) unrated versions being released and (3D) 3d versions of movies and (EC) extended cuts etc etc etc.

Im sure you see my point. At the moment whenever i add a new movie I have to go to videos and search through my list, locate the movies with these tags and do a manual search, then after its added, i have to exit videos, then go to the movies folder, and edit the title there to add the tag back in. Then i have to go to the computer in the bedroom and do the same, then the kids room,and do the same, then the games room and do the same. Very annoying, where as this little add on would fix all my problems.

Im sure there would be many other people who would find this a great idea.

So thank you to the Scraper Writer who reads this and please let me know what you think.

Many Thanks

(Rev Col)

Stop posting this everywhere on the forum!
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Hello Martijn,
Im trying to post it in the correct place. As I was informed by somebody. Is this not the correct forum for Scrapers.
Do you know how to write a scraper? If so perhaps you could answer the question instead of posting such a nasty comment.
Maybe this will do it

$100 REWARD for the person who can write the scraper for me !!!!
Useless Forum, I'll figure it out myself.
(2012-06-19, 07:58)OzDrDj Wrote: Useless Forum, I'll figure it out myself.


Perhaps the ones who know are just busy or don't have any interest in this.

Now i am sure no one will help you
Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting, read this first
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I have just about figured it out, taking time to learn XML as well as scrapers, but Ive just about got it.

This is the most un-friendly forum i've ever been on.

And you Martijn top the ladder. About the only thing you know how to do is be a little forum nazi.

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