[Video Preview] Aeon MQ 4

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RavenNL Offline
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Post: #16
Looks promising, I hope this will get some serious testing so that bugs will be a minimum Wink

[Image: watched-fanart.jpg]
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mindweaver Offline
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Post: #17
I think it looks truly amazing! I can't wait to check it out!
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Ovokx Offline
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Post: #18
looks really promising Smile

[Image: thin@2x.jpg]

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ZombieRobot Offline
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Post: #19
Eek WOW!!! Marcos what else can i say this looks amazing when the hell can i get my hands on this work of art Big Grin fantastic job once again man congrats
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st graveyard Offline
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Post: #20
Looks awesome! Thanks for the preview!
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TeKo Offline
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Post: #21
WOW looks great.
Hoping for some really nice library views and it would be cool to be able to change the main menu style like in MQ3.
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eQUIV Offline
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Post: #22
Looks beautiful. Well done.
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Berggren Offline
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Post: #23
Looking really good!

Nice work, can't imagine the hours spent to make this happen.
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gabsaoleo Offline
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Post: #24
MarcosQ, o skin está em Português do Brasil?
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Wanilton Offline
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Post: #25
@gabsaoleo, Yes, not only Brazilian Portuguese, but other languages ​​as well, the skin is being translated online, as you can see here::


Thank you translators for their excellent job.


MediaBrazil forum - Youtube Channel
Windows 10 - Kodi 18 Leia - Aeon MQ8 - 0.1.0 - Aeon MQ Team
Wanilton Website - MarcosQui Website

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Simzer0 Offline
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Post: #26
Nice WORK Marcos!!!Blush
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Me23 Offline
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Post: #27
Looks great!!
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Ghostdivision Offline
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Post: #28
Looks awesome.

My only concern is i notice with mq3 it uses quite a bit system resources when viewing a library. Its fine when your not browsing a library, all skins including this appear to use 8% on my system, but when you go your movie or music library mq3 jumps to 35-40%! Nox in comparison using the same view type jumps to very small 17%.

So i really hope library browsing will be much smoother and less cpu intensive.
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e2zippo Offline
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WOW, that looks absolutely awesome, can't wait! You're truly one talented artists Marqos! I'll will definitely donate to this!

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Big_T Offline
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Post: #30
WOW!! I'm a huge fan of Aeon MQ3, but I can't wait until MQ4 is ready. It looks fantastic!! Thanks for all of your hard work, Marcos!

- Big T
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