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Stub files not playing on xbmcbuntu
Hi everyone.
I'm new to xbmc and decided to go with xbmcbuntu on my htpc because its a fairly old machine (athlon64 3500+) and I figured it would be lighter than installing it on windows. Everything went great and it runs very well but i'm having one issue. I made some stub files with the .disc extension for some movies i have on disc. They show up correctly on the library and a pop up appers asking for the disc when i enter them but when i select play, nothing happens and sometimes a message appears saying 'one or more files could not be played'. I checked the the log file and it says the format is unplayable 'movietitle.bdrip.disc'. It appears it is trying to play the stub file itself. If i go back to 'videos' 'my files' and select the files on the disc they play ok (mkv). The strange thing is, since this feature was important to me, i tested it on the windows version on my other computer, to see if it worked, and it went flawlessly, so I guess it must be some issue specific to the xbmcbuntu version.
If anyone has any ideas, I'd be very grateful.
Oh, and after installing the xbmcbuntu 11.0 package I,ve already done the updates:
sudo apt-get update
Sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install xbmc


Stub files not playing on xbmcbuntu00