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tv-queue won't show all items recently broke on 3 computers
My problem is in winxp & windows 7 & have a old mac they all show this problem when ya go in to instant movies & shows it has instant queue all
instant queue movies & instant queue tv my problem is with the instant queue tv.

Probably around june 5th 2012 instant queue tv stopped showing all the tv shows on my queue ive tried uninstalling deleting the plugging out of the folder re installing etc happened on 3 different computers started using mediaportal just for the instant queue plugin but prefer xbmc every other thing works on there but tv, is this a bug or something i can fix ?

ps it when it started messing up on june 5th it would show one tv show now it has maybe 4 shows i have 150 or so tv shows on my queue

one computer is a winxp pent 4 3.39 ghz with video card

one is a win7 duo core laptop 2.20 ghz 4 gb ram

the other i checked just to see if it worked is a macbook duo core pent 2ghz

all three had the same problem

thanks for any help you can give me Huh

Had to Move all the tv shows to the top of the queue on netflix one at a time & the program finally saw them not sure why it stopped Netflix maybe ?

tv-queue won't show all items recently broke on 3 computers 00