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Windows - XBMC + Harmony One not working at all?
Hey everyone, I am trying to get my Harmony One to control my XBMC but I am having nothing but trouble. I have poured through the forums and attempted multiple setups and nothing has worked.

I tried this guide: but I believe I need an RC6 IR receiver for that. Is the one in my details column below RC6 compatible (Microsoft MCE Remote). Following this guide did not work at all. The IR receiver simply did not get any commands. The TV and Receiver setup worked fine though.

I searched farther and found this guide: and attempted that setup. It also did not work for me.

At this point I am at a loss as to do what to do and really want to get this setup. Also, just to confirm the MCE remote plugged into the HTPC works fine when I use it, but it does not receive commands from the Harmony One at all.

Windows 7 Professional 64x
EDEN 11.0 Stable
Zotac ID40 Plus HTPC (with 4gb of RAM and SSD) IR Receiver and Remote Harmony One

Thanks in advance for your help and consideration!
Have you tried this:
(Don't know if it'll help though)

I basically had this problem which was exactly why I bought a Flirc (wiki) ( Easy to set up and more versatile. Awesome device.

Flirc now has a forum:
so to clarify, with the remote that comes with the receiver works?

i did set up the harmony myself recently and had to go through some troubles the first few days.
On the back of the remote is there a sticker that says VRC-1100? I believe it's an Ortek VRC1100... I have the same remote.

If there is then go into the Harmony Software, select computer, and when it asks you for the manufacturer select Ortek, then in the model number select VRC-1100. (This uses a different set of codes than the Windows MCE remote... you don't get as many functions... it won't work as a full keyboard)

Once you've got that done the Harmony should start working with the IR receiver.

The first thing I did was go into the Windows Program settings, and removed Windows Media Centre. I found that Windows was capturing some of the button presses from the remote, and would bring up Windows Media Centre. Once that's removed you can set custom functions to the remote buttons using a keyboard.xml file. I setup the keyboard.xml to perform different functions when I pressed the Red, Yellow, Green and Blue buttons and the row underneath them.

Then I mapped those buttons to my Harmony remote.

I also didn't want the power button to put the computer to sleep... instead I designated a different button to bring up the XBMC shutdown menu, so I had the choice of how I shutdown XBMC. (I usually either turn on my HTPC manually, or by using an Iphone app for Wake on Lan, when I am too lazy to get up)
I bought the exact same IR receiver/Remote from Amazon and have a Harmony One that I use with my Windows 7, XBMC machine.

My Harmony One config is as follows:

Add Device:
Computer > Media Center PC > ORtek
Type, "VRC-1100" in the Model box.

I set up an Activity and customized the buttons - Up is Media Center Direction Up, etc. and Exit is Media Center Backspace... that should get you started.

XBMC + Harmony One not working at all?00