XBMC for Father's day (HELP !!)

Hi guys

As a gift for Father's day, I've installed XBMC on my Father's PC (he lives 8.000 KM away). Problem is I installed it using Teamviewer, but it's impossible to run XBMC and Teamviewer at the same time to configure it (well, it's possible but each refresh takes ages). Also, I tried to explain him what to do via google-talk, but the audio quality is too bad...

Question: is there a way to copy all my XBMC settings (both, basic settings and AEON MQ skin settings) in a few files and send to him via mail? Which ones would be those files?

Thanks a lot for your help !!!

I don't think it would be too successful... all your settings would have computer specific path and drive letters.. I couldn't think of a better gift for dads day.. but it's really only a gift if you're their to set-it-up and walk him through it. If google talk is bad, the bandwidth will be lacking for streaming stuff for sure anyway... and unless he already has a fairly decent library... it's all moot. Save this for your next personal visit...
I simply use UltraVNC to remote configure XBMC installations. You must do it in non fullscreen mode or you'll just get a black screen. Use the \ key to toggle XBMC from fullscreen to windowed and back. I do this quite a bit. When I'm doing configuring XBMC I switch it back to fullscreen.
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