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TheAudioDB.com - The Open Audio Database (wiki-based, register and contribute)
Just signed up and want to load info for some bands like Two Gallants. The search facility does not find them so how can I add this info?
(2012-10-17, 19:07)hannahjo Wrote: Just signed up and want to load info for some bands like Two Gallants. The search facility does not find them so how can I add this info?

Bottom left, there is a link to add a new artist Wink
Hi! This is great stuff. And I'm all ready jumped in to the work with the Bruce Springsteen discography.
But is there enyplace to write facts like Record labels, lyricator and stuff?
(2012-10-18, 17:33)LastDance Wrote: Hi! This is great stuff. And I'm all ready jumped in to the work with the Bruce Springsteen discography.
But is there enyplace to write facts like Record labels, lyricator and stuff?

Fantastic stuff with the personal reviews. Love it!

The site is based on single releases so its very hard to add record labels as they differ from country to country. I have designed the database to handle it in the future though.

Lyrics were also originally planned but are copywrited apparently. If the legal situation ever changes I will re-introduce them.

Any other ideas, let me know.
Oh! I didn't mean the lyrics, but lyrics-writer, producer, recording dates etc. Copyrights can be a problem due to the different countries i guess. But there is no problem to put this in the database at the same time we write reviews and stuff,
I see complete lyrics might be a broblem due to copyrights. but writers, producers and stuff should stil be the same Smile (I'm glad I have a personal solution to scrape lyrics in Mediamonkey Wink )
But in the movieDb we can put in release date according to different contries. Maybe we can use the same system here, when it comes to labels and release dates?
I've always used wikipedia as "official" releasedates my self.

PS! I made a mistake to upload wrong picture on one of the tracks on Springsteens "Greatings" album, How am I able to delete it??

Before I spending more time uppdating theAudioDB I want to know why nothing is happening in XBMC?
I mean, I use the Aeaon Nox skin and use theAudioDB scraper for Artist and Albums.
I've spend time reviewing every track on Springsteens Asbury Park album, with Youtube links to every track I could find there (I got them all on dvd, so more will come on this one)
My problem is that i can't read my reviews of the album OR each track in XBMC. The youtube link for each track dont show up in track information neather? (When i look in the album info youtube thing it seem that all Bruce S. related vids on youtube comes up?)

I'm not shure if this is a skin, scraper, system or another problem. It might be my system settings as well, or maybe things are not finished yet.?

I would realy like to know what this problem are related to before I spend more time on theAudioDB.
If we get this tihings to work, I would love to spend time updating the database with reviews and stuff.
Good questions! Not even I know the answer to that.

The scraper thread is here, first thing to ask is what is it actually scraping.


All the data is available from our API so thats not the problem.

As far as the skin is concerned, thats entirely up to them what they show.
I added a feature to enter artist descriptions in different languages:

- German
- French
- Chinese
- Japanese
- Italian
- Russian

This is also accessible from the API.

I would also consider adding new languages and fields if there was enough interest. So far only German people have offered to enter data.
@zag, please add language Portuguese (Brazil), and I promote services in forum xbmcbrasil.net, for enter data for artists.

MediaBrazil forum Website - Youtube Channel
MQ9- - 09.15.2023 - Aeon MQ Skin Team
MarcosQui Website Donate and support us.
not working or just my box?
(2012-12-20, 10:03)Crans Wrote: not working or just my box?

The site or the scraper?
Great work Zag!
I really appreciate the effort and sincerely hope this will eventually become the reference db as happened to its pars.

That said, my intention is to fill the db with information for most of the 70's progressive rock players, so I started with a smaller one in order to foresee potential issue I'm going to meet.

The question: adding the record for "Area" (an italian prog rock band) I've noticed that not all the infos in MusicBrainz were imported.
The missing info are:
- genre/subgenre
- artist bio
- members

Moreover, I've noticed it imported only the albums in the "Album" section on MB, skipping for instance those in the "live" one.

Concerning fanart and images, you stated in the main post to fill fanart.tv first. can you please explain which are the rules uset by TADB to scan fanart.tv and, for example, resolve ambiguities?

thank you in advance
Hey Tarkun, Glad to hear you like the site. To answer some of your questions:

- The initial import from musicbrainz is very basic and only really a check to see if the artist and album exist. All the genre/bio/members ect comes from our users, this means its accurate but also that users are contributing to the site and not just hoping someone already did it in musicbrainz. A lot of the time musicbrainz has bad info so its best we copy from wikipedia as its more accurate for bios ect.

- Live albums are not imported initially as many are poor quality releases. You can add them manually though, by clicking the edit button next to the album list. Once they are imported don't forget to edit the album and change it to "LiveAlbum".

- All fanart should be 720p or 1080p if uploaded manually. If its already on fanart.tv then it will be the 1080p version. We allow all fanart to be uploaded but we won't lock any artists until a moderator is happy with the quality. If an artist is unlocked you can over write any fanart with better versions.

Hope that answers your questions, the site is continually evolving.
Loud and clear Zag!

I took one step further and began to fulfill tha same "Area" record by adding a short bio.

First a copyright caveat: I expect to copy most of the biso either from wikipedia or from the artist's official site.
Shall I report the source? Any constraints on this?

Second, great thing that editing supports multi-language, but even tough I added the band bio in Italian that didn't showed up until i filled it in English. I looked for a language selection toggle on the site but i failed to find one. Any suggestion?

Third, while most XBMC scrapers have a multilanguage option for other sources, i.e. LastFM, they don't allow that choice for TADB. Before going to ask for such feature on proper forum threads, may you confirm that TADB API already supports multi-language?

Last (for now Blush), do you plan to add additional external repos link to the artist profile? I'm thinking for instance at Progarchives.com or GEPR.net, which are reference for the progressive movement.

Thanks for now, but expect more questions to come from my side since I expect to become a power user of your DB.

- Copying from Wikipedia is the best thing to do as its all under creative commons license. The BBC reviews are also creative commons so we can reproduce. I have wikipedia and bbc icons under the fields to show where the info comes from.

- Multi language is a 'work in progress' at the moment. It is mainly designed to work with the API at the moment, I haven't thought too much about actually seeing it on the website yet but it will come over time. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

- Olympia programmed the scraper before multi language support was done. It just needs to be updated.
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