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Hey Tarkun, Glad to hear you like the site. To answer some of your questions:

- The initial import from musicbrainz is very basic and only really a check to see if the artist and album exist. All the genre/bio/members ect comes from our users, this means its accurate but also that users are contributing to the site and not just hoping someone already did it in musicbrainz. A lot of the time musicbrainz has bad info so its best we copy from wikipedia as its more accurate for bios ect.

- Live albums are not imported initially as many are poor quality releases. You can add them manually though, by clicking the edit button next to the album list. Once they are imported don't forget to edit the album and change it to "LiveAlbum".

- All fanart should be 720p or 1080p if uploaded manually. If its already on then it will be the 1080p version. We allow all fanart to be uploaded but we won't lock any artists until a moderator is happy with the quality. If an artist is unlocked you can over write any fanart with better versions.

Hope that answers your questions, the site is continually evolving.

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