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Loud and clear Zag!

I took one step further and began to fulfill tha same "Area" record by adding a short bio.

First a copyright caveat: I expect to copy most of the biso either from wikipedia or from the artist's official site.
Shall I report the source? Any constraints on this?

Second, great thing that editing supports multi-language, but even tough I added the band bio in Italian that didn't showed up until i filled it in English. I looked for a language selection toggle on the site but i failed to find one. Any suggestion?

Third, while most XBMC scrapers have a multilanguage option for other sources, i.e. LastFM, they don't allow that choice for TADB. Before going to ask for such feature on proper forum threads, may you confirm that TADB API already supports multi-language?

Last (for now Blush), do you plan to add additional external repos link to the artist profile? I'm thinking for instance at or, which are reference for the progressive movement.

Thanks for now, but expect more questions to come from my side since I expect to become a power user of your DB.


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