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Big upgrade is now complete, the site now runs on modern back end with new authentication system, new forum, new PHP 7.4 and MySQL 8.

All users will need to Re-register on the front end site as the encryption method changed.

Thanks for the patience during this time.

NOTE: All Free API keys have been revoked since they are pretty unsustainable. Any major project is expected to sign up on Patreon if they can to get a private key. This may effect Kodi Music scraping, Music video scraping and the Artwork Beef downloader as well as some others I probably forgot about. Sorry for this but I pay real money for the 3 dedicated servers we use each month nearly 3tb of traffic Wink It needs to be sustainable into the future.

I also wonder if there is a bug or behaviour in Kodi that is requesting the images all the time. Even when the API was down the Kodi users were requesting the images directly millions of times. If any developer could look at why the artwork link its not caching correctly or if this is expected that would be nice. Requesting the remote image each time an album is browsed seems a little inefficient to me if they could be stored locally.
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