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Getting Mismatched Episodes, need some help debugging
Hi, I'm having difficulty with a scraper I'm writing and I'm hoping someone can take a look.

When I attempt to scrape a show (Pawn Stars) all the data it is querying seems to be correct however some of the episodes get the wrong season/episode number while others get the correct season/episode number and I can't seem to determine where the error is occurring.

I've posted the following log file which is from boot up until the show scraping ends.

Basically the show refresh starts at line 572, then it starts removing the existing entries for the refresh, then we see our GetDetails call at line 772. All good so far.

Then the VideoInfoScanner starts (line 785) and it seems to properly detect the season/episode number for all the episodes in that path.

Once that's done the GetEpisodeList call (line 922) gets all the data from the provider. Looking at the xml that is generated everything looks in order.

Now this is where it gets weird. Starting at line 925 is the GetEpisodeDetails. If you follow it from there down, you'll see all the S03E* episodes get matched correctly. Once it hits S04 (line 1925) which is episode S04E40 it matches it up with S04E79 from the GetEpisodeList, even though as part of the VideoInfoScanner it was detected as S04E40 (line 844) and the GetEpisodeList xml contains an S04E40.

I've double-checked that the episode id generated in GetEpisodeList is unique and only occurs once in the episode guide url so I'm not sure where or how it is mismatching these episodes.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Could it just be something on my setup that is causing it? Any help would be appreciated.
It's because there's no episode 1 listed for season 4. For some reason I haven't fathomed XBMC will "correct" the lowest numbered episode in a season so that it becomes episode 1, and then likewise "correct" all the other episode numbers by the same amount.

So, S04E40 -> S04E01, S04E41 -> S04E02,..., S04E79 -> S04E40
Thank you! I've been scratching my head on this for days lol. I too can't think of a situation where you would want to override the information returned from a data source, but that definitely explains the behaviour I'm seeing.

So I guess the next question is, does anyone know if there a way to override this?

Thanks scudlee for issuing a pull request for this, I was in the midst of getting git setup until I saw you already did it lol.

If it helps I followed the commit logs to see when the offending piece of code got put in and it goes all the way back to the initial tvsupport commit in xbmc from 2007 ( I wonder if spiff_ remembers the reason for the feature.

Getting Mismatched Episodes, need some help debugging00