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XBMC with OTA tv tuner
I have a Hauppauge 2250 dual tuner card installed on my Windows 7 HTPC.
At this point I have no need for PVR support, all I want it for is to watch OTA tv (we rarely watch live tv anymore, but for sports its necessary)

I tried to find a definitive answer on here to see if it was possible but there seems to be a lot of conflicting information. Can someone in the know shed some light on this? Is it possible? What would be the best way to go about it?

thank you
The only built in support for viewing live TV without the PVR branch is with a HDHomerun as it streams the output which XBMC can open. I use it with Twinther's TVGuide addon when I just want to watch TV. You can also use the app launcher to load another program from XBMC which is what I used to to with BeyondTV. If you want to spend some time setting things up you might be able to use a program like ORB to capture the tuner and stream it to XBMC but I think it's too much effort for the results vs running a viewer app.
Mythbuntu doesn't need viruses - we have Sudo
We also have live streaming support for HTS Tvheadend (wiki), TuxBox (wiki), Slingbox (wiki), and if you have a really old one... ReplayTV (wiki)

XBMC with OTA tv tuner00