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HD video blank screen, also with add-ons
Hello guys,

I installed the nightly on my system 20120618, and found all video add ons were playing with a black screen. HD videos were doing that too.


I uninstalled the nightly, with all files deleted, and manually deleted the xbmc folder in program files, and installed stable Eden 11... but the problem persists.

I can play SD movies, and using vlc player on my computer can play hd videos fine... so I have no idea what to do to make this work again...

help much appreciated...
It might be something in your settings. Press Windows-R and in the Run dialog type:


and click OK and an Explorer window should open. In there will be a file called guisettings.xml. Delete or rename this to reset XBMC back to default settings. The nuclear option is to delete the entire "%APPDATA%\xbmc" directory, though note that this will delete your library as well.

Actually, before you delete anything look in System settings, Video, Playback and if the "adjust refresh rate" setting is enabled try disabling it. It's possible the refresh rate is being adjusted to a value your TV doesn't support.
Hi there,

Thanks for the detailed response.
I removed guisettings as well as checking my settings, but the auto refresh rates were not enabled. I tried a bunch of things...

EDIT - ive just deleted the roaming/xbmc folder and that also did not solve the issue!

EDIT2 - Ive uninstalled xbmc, removed all traces in program files / userdata and also removed all the registry references I could find. I re-installed, added Al Jazeera and tried to watch live, and again BLACK image... absolutely odd.

BTW this problem is on my laptop, xbmc in my living room and bedroom works fine.


HD video blank screen, also with add-ons00