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This should be easy to fix, lend me your eyes please
OK so here's the deal, I've been working to setup XBMC in multi-room environment so I followed the well documented tutorial I found referenced everywhere on here and it seemed to make good sense. But somehow I am missing some step along the way and its not working for me.

Basically here is what I have:

-2 Windows 7 PCs with identical 64 bit installs
-mysql installed on main pc, port 3306 in/out open (also have that port open in firewall on secondary pc)
-advancedsettings.xml on both machines configured with the primary PC's static IP
-when I setup my initial libraries I first marked each folder as shared (read-only) and then in XBMC I used the Windows SMB option to map my sources

The problem is that the secondary PC seems able to read from mysql fine since it sees the libraries, but it cannot play the files, I get errors like this in the log:

18:40:05 T:516 ERROR: XFILE::CFileCache::Open - failed to open source <musicdb://2/2/2/20.mp3>
18:40:05 T:516 ERROR: MP3Codec: Unable to open file musicdb://2/2/2/20.mp3
18:40:05 T:516 ERROR: CAudioDecoder: Unable to Init Codec while loading file musicdb://2/2/2/20.mp3
18:40:05 T:516 ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path [musicdb://2/2/2/20.mp3]

what am I missing here, much thanks guys
Need full debug log (wiki) (via or similar site)
alright no reply, thats to be expected I guess...the only way I could solve this was to put a pathsubstitution entry in my advancedsettings.xml...that seems unnecessary and redundant given the way the instructions are written but it works I guess so I dunno. I'm confused as to why the paths in mysql are all local to the primary machine even when you set it up as a network path, that doesn't make any sense at all.

Granted you probably didn't see my post when you started writing yours, but just a heads up, it's not uncommon to wait a day or two before someone replies to your thread.

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This should be easy to fix, lend me your eyes please00