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Disclaimer: I’m european so please excuse (and if necessary correct) my english

I’ve been working on a personal mod that I initially didn’t want to make public mainly because I don’t have the time to support it. But I’ve seen that a couple of other mods have been released recently and so I thought that I should release mine so other modders and users can benefit from it.
The main thing I’ve changed is the homescreen menu. Instead of two levels there are now three. Movies and TV Shows can now be found under videos. I’ve made the corresponding changes to the home home menu editor so you can still enable/disable individual menus.

  • Changed the OSD to the experimental PVR OSD. Credit goes to Drae
  • Replaced most of the zoom animations with slide animation and sped them up a little bit
  • Added an option that allows you to go straight back to the homescreen instead of the root menu (enable this in the skin setting)
  • Added stuff like Studios, Movie sets, etc. to the home menu editor
  • Added a smart playlist called “Recently aired” that shows all episodes from the past 14 days in the order they aired (IMO much more useful than “New episodes” which just lists new episodes in the Database)
  • Added support for script.xbmc.intro.movie
  • Added “music” and “video” to addons sub menu
  • Added Galefury’s color themes

There are a couple of other small changes.
For a full changelog go to my GitHub repo

  • Make PVR OSD optional
  • Add clearart, logos, etc. to OSD
  • There are probably a couple of bugs that need to be ironed out

Things I would like to do that I’m lacking the skill to do so:
I also really like Sabish’s ReAlaska Mods and intend to add them to my mod but I haven’t looked at the code yet so I don’t know how hard it would be to implement them.

I’ll try to do my best to support this mod but I should probably mention that I work around 15 hours per day and I don’t really have much time to take care of this thing. That being said I would appreciate it if you could post any bugs you find on my Github repo. I’ll try to take care of them as soon as possible.


is that pause menu in the screenshots (the daily show one) when watching a local video or is it only for live tv? watching a video on my server i just seem to have the original pause screen with the progress bar.
the tv shows option won't display only the new episodes option. for some reason when i have only that option selected, it goes straight into my tv shows as if i clicked browse tv shows without showing the new episodes option. the only way i can get it to display is if i choose to display both new episodes and recently added episodes when really i only want the one.

edit: got it to work by enabling the tv shows section and then new episodes and tv guide within it.
for some reason the unwatched (green) overlays aren't being displayed on any movies, tv shows, or video files. only the orange resumeable indicators are visable.

edit: the unwatched indicators only work for me when i use the black leather theme and color scheme.
My libraries (Movies and TV Shows) do not appear in the home menu. I only see Videos. I checked and they are enabled in the customize home view menu.
he has changed the skin. movies/tv shows are now submenu items under the videos menu option.
(2012-07-11, 07:58)wolfbiker Wrote: he has changed the skin. movies/tv shows are now submenu items under the videos menu option.

Ah got it. Thanks.
Love this mod. But all of a sudden it is unusable.... When I press videos I usually get the movies and tv-shows submenu but not anymore; videos just open files. What could cause this and how can I revert it to normal behaviour?

I´m on Windows 64 and use the latest xbmc-nightly (it worked before in this setup).

I have deleted the userdata folder to reset all settings but the problem still persists...
I found out what was wrong that made movies and tv-shows invisible. It was the Watchlist script that stopped working. I got annoyed of the constant error messages from the script so i deleted all files in the userdata folder related to the watchlist script. And suddenly movies and tv-shows are showing again...
But now the addons node display all installed addons, not just the categories i´ve selected... sigh
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