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Gelu Offline
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Anyone used or similar for unblocking Netflix?

Is it working?

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Welcome to the XBMC forums.

Use the forum Search function and look for the terms "unblock-us" and "unblockus". Be sure to select the option to display results by posts (rather than by threads) so you don't have to read through some lengthy threads to find just the posts discussing this topic. You can read how successful (or not) others have been using this service to bypass geo-blocking.
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adubber Offline
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I've used . Pretty much the same services offered I just think right now they have a few coupons you can find on the net or twitter. I have Hulu and Netflix working
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RockerQ Offline
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I used unblock-us and block less in the past. Now I'm using Smart DNS Proxy. It seemed faster to me but maybe it's my country location. Well it's also cheaper Smile. You can find details about how to unblock Netflix here : Hope this helps Smile Thanks.
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