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New Fork: Voice Control For XBMC Remote
Hi guys,
first - I'd like to say great work - this project is awesome!

Second - I had some spare time this weekend, and so I made a fork of the project and coded some voice recognition into android XBMC Remote. This uses the google voice api.

The software is very much in alpha at this point, but there is some functionality that is working for people to try out.

To try out the voice control functionality - go to the "Remote Control" Screen, press the settings button on your phone and choose voice control.
Click the button on the new screen, wait for the prompt, and speak your command. Big Grin

Supported commands so far are:
play song <Song Name> (For Example: "play song propane nightmares")
play album <Album Name> ("play album hail to the thief")
play movie <Movie Name> ("play movie school of rock")
up, down, left, right, play, pause, stop,next, previous, fast forward, rewind, select, title, info, menu, back, video, music, images, tv

I still need to put in a command for playing tv episodes. If any one has ideas for more commands, drop a suggestion, and I'll see if I can implement it.

This isn't ready for prime time yet - however it doesn't damage any existing XBMC Remote functionailty.

Some problems:
It doesn't understand me when I say "pause", unless I say it with an american accent Confused

It doesn't handle numbers very well yet, eg: saying "Play album one by one" won't work, because it can't (yet) match "1 by 1" to "one by one". Saying something like "Play album permission to land" will work fine though.

We'll eventually want to put in some nationalization so foreign languages will work.

I don't think I've implemented some of the XBMC Remote framework correctly, so you might notice some strange artefacts when you are in the voice recognition window

The fork I made with the code is here: https://github.com/niftydude/android-xbmcremote.git

And an apk built with these features: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17107039/XBMC%20Remote.apk

Please let me know any problems you come across.
If any devs want to help get it into a state where we can consider merging to the main app, also please let me know.

16-Oct-2012 Alpha 3: Rudimentary Roman Numeral Support

26-Jun-2012 Alpha 2: Case sensitivity for windows

24-Jun-2012 Alpha 1: Initial Build
The premise sounds really cool and gave it a try. The results were not great. I issued the command "Play Moive Caddyshack Play" and it returned a list of results on my phone. The top command was the correct command, so it recognized what I said. Nothing happened in XBMC. Then I realized that XBMC wast totally locked up. Would not respond to my tv remote, XBMC Android remote, or YATSE (another android remote program). I ended up powercycling my htpc.

Win7 x64
Eden Stable w/ hd audio patch
HTC Thunderbolt (rooted running thundershed)

Sorry, no debug log ATM
How to use Git
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yeah it doesn't handle extra commands that well yet. Try "play movie caddyshack" without the extra "play" at the end, and you should be fine.

any chance you can make this for ios
Sorry - I don't have a mac - so I can't build ios apps.

But the code is in the github repos for anyone who wants to try and port it.
for windows, look here http://www.voxcommando.com - VoxCommando is a speech recognition and command utility that lets you take control of your multimedia HTPC (Home Theatre PC). You can add voice control to your home automation, or you can use it as an assistive tool to speed up everyday tasks, to reduce your reliance on the keyboard and mouse, or simply because it is fun to use!
It´s perfect for use with XBMC...

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Doesn't seem to work too well yet. While it recognizes spoken "play movie The Bourne Ultimatum" it doesn't execute the command :/
Edit: Same for Albums
Ok, that is weird - I gave it a try on my system, and "play movie The Bourne Ultimatum" didn't work for me either. However "play movie The Bourne Supremacy" did!

I'll do some debugging later today and see what is going on for that case. I have a feeling that there might be some spaces in the title name that I'm not stripping out somewhere.

Does playing songs in your system work?
Can you provide info on your xbmc setup? Just Version and OS should be fine.
"play song Fat lip" worked perfectly on the first atempt.

Xbmc Eden 11.0 with Dual Audio Support Patch ( http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=86038&page=50 ) Windows 7 64 bit.
Hi mite,
I fixed what I think was the problem for albums and movies. It works on my ubuntu system, but I don't have a windows xbmc to try it on because I left my laptop at work today. Could you give this a go if you have time?


tested the following.

"play movie Hitman" : works flawless
"play movie Contagion" : works flawless
"play movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" worked on the second atempt.
"play movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1" voice recognized "play movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1" , won't play the movie though. ( Movie Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part 1") Maybe some issues with the ":"? ( same issue with X-Men: First Class)
Sweet. Did albums work for you as well?

If you are having problems with accuracy (eg needing to say stuff two times in a row etc) then you can go to google voice search and turn on personalization - so it will learn your accent and pronunciation, and hopefully get more accurate.

Titles with symbols like ":" definitely will not be working yet. I have to think about how I'm going to match when there are strange characters in the title.
I also haven't dealt with numbers very well yet either: the whole "1"/"one" thing needs a solution.
"play album american idiot" works just fine. Realy great to see someone finaly working on this =).

it would be realy nice, if you could ad a "stay listening" or dock feature, which constantly waits for an incomming command like "XBMC pause"... this way we dont need to push a button and simply could pause with nachos in our hands Wink

This is very exciting! thanks for looking into this feature!

Haven't been able to get it to recognize any albums yet.. byt the xbmc remote isnt listing albums right now anyway.. possibly a nightly build issue?
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New Fork: Voice Control For XBMC Remote4.52