Xbox to coax
how can i connect the xbox to a coax reciever without soldering? is there a cable or an adaptor or something?
what's a coax receiver?

it's weird, i understand all the separate words but put together in a question like this, i don't get it.
i think this might be what you are looking for:
(may not be the best price. it was just first result that came up)

both the advanced av pack (s-video) and the hd av pack (component) provide optical out. other av packs made by other companies may have optical out as well.

so, use optical cable from av pack to the adapter and then coax cable from it to your receiver.

i've never done anything like this so i don't know if there is any decrease in sound quality.

hope this helps,
thx clevindn that was exactly what i was looking for. also thank u for understanding my question =) what i meant with coax reciever was a reciever with only a coax port and no free optical.
what about this
i did it. works fine. some audiophiles believe it has higher audio quality then using optical over short distances anyway. the signal to optical converters are not as advanced as one might hope.
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