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WIP Google Music Addon
Thanks for the reply. I am now able to play music from MY LIBRARY however MY PLAYLIST are blank?
Check for errors on your xbmc.log.
(2014-03-10, 22:50)foreverguest Wrote: For those having problems with recent Google changes, I have a new version with gmusicapi upgrade, please test:

Version 0.8exp21

This link no longer seems to work. Have an updated link or feel like committing the fix to your github?
phek, please use version from post #444. Yeah, I'll try to update github this week.

could you have a look at my log, it's from an android-device... it will be great if the plugin could run on that...

Hey guys,
think I'm just too stupid to get the plugin to work.
Not sure how to get past the fetch device_id part.

18:18:48 T:135696384 NOTICE: -->Python Interpreter Initialized<--
18:18:48 T:135696384 NOTICE: GoogleMusic-0.8exp22 ARGV: ['plugin://plugin.audio.googlemusic/', '4', '']
18:18:50 T:135696384 NOTICE: warning: could not import appdirs; will use current directory
18:18:53 T:135696384 NOTICE: [GoogleMusic-0.8exp22] Trying to fetch the device_id
18:22:55 T:126586880 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting plugin://plugin.audio.googlemusic/
18:22:55 T:126586880 ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(plugin://plugin.audio.googlemusic/) failed

2-way is turned off.

Help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Just installed this, and it worked first time! Great job. I can access my music and play it through XBMC.

There is one slight problem though. The Instant Mixes bit. I often use those on the web to find new music, as I have the all access subscription. I see earlier that it was a problem, but was then fixed. Is it broken again?
This is a great add on. Thanks for the development.
One question:
Is there a way that the add on will cache a Playlist so when listening to a disc there won't be a delay between songs?

I'm sure I've done something wrong, but hopefully someone on this thread can point it out for me. I just installed the latest build of XBMC (v13.0) on OSX, and then I installed the script.module.mutagen-1.21.0.zip add-on - followed by plugin.audio.googlemusic-0.8exp22.zip. I skipped script.module.gmusicapi-2013.02.28.zip, thinking that it was included in the latest plugin.audio.googlemusic-0.8exp22.zip (link from post 444). When that didn't work ("script failed" error as soon as I tried to open "Google Music Dev"), I tried going back and installing script.module.gmusicapi-2013.02.28.zip. I received the same error. I tried reinstalling plugin.audio.googlemusic-0.8exp22.zip after that, and still got the same error. This is a fresh installation of XBMC. What am I missing?
@SolusCado, plugin.audio.googlemusic-0.8exp22.zip is the only file needed to install, something else could be failing, could you please check for errors on your xbmc.log file. Send the file to me if find anything.

@shaiu22, try to enable the url pre-fetch option in the googlemusic addon settings, but this delay happens because xbmc is buffering the file, you can try changing buffering options to see what works best for you.
great addon, thanks a bunch

but for me the mixes do not work, just fails with a script error.
here the log entry: http://pastebin.com/dhdTR06M

using the 0.8exp22 on Win7 x64

seems to me, like google just changed some stuff, would be great if that worked, too Smile
kirmandi, please test version below with a fix for your problem:

version 0.8exp23

It also contains a workaround for those using Android/osx, you must provide the device_id manually.
yeah, that works just fine, now Smile
thanks for this fast fix
ok playing one by one works fine, but if you start it and it tries to load the next one automatically, it just fails.
you see it trying but then just skipping to the next and failing again.
however pressing next works and plays the next song in queue, only the automatic switch does not work.

here the log: http://pastebin.com/vt3KUm6m
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