Linux -  nVidia drivers cause XBMC complain could't find compatible OpenGL accelerated device
My XBMC server setup works perfectly fine, but I can only get 520p resolution. I'm guessing this is down to the fact that it's running without the nVidia drivers. However, if I install the nVidia drivers, it causes XBMC to complain that it cannot find a compatible OpenGL accelerated device.

My server setup is a standard Ubuntu server, with xorg and XBMC installed, using xbmc-standalone to display XBMC.

I would provide more information, but I do not have access to the server right now. Any information or attempts that I can try in the mean time are greatly welcomed.
Post dpkg -l | grep nvidia and the video card you're using.
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nvidia-current 302.17-0ubuntu1~precise~xup1 NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library
nvidia-settings 302.17-0ubuntu1~precise~xup3 Tool of configuring the NVIDIA graphics driver

The card is a 9800GT I think. Was a long time ago that I bought it. Just seems odd that it would work without the correct drivers, but not with them.
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