RAW image format files (from digital cameras like Canon, Nikon, etc.) "RAW" photos
it would be really nice to have support for digital camera raw formats of various leading vendors in the xbmc's my pictures.

i tried using search but did not find that can one display .raw images with xbmc just like any .jpg etc files.

i have a large set of .raw images that i have taken with my slr and being able to see them would be really nice.

try adding the file extension to the config file. i did it for .nef files (nikon raw files) and it worked, although the images were rather ugly compared to jpgs, etc.
tried that, and now it shows the files in the directory, but does not open them "error opening file".

was hoping someone would have made an extension to xbmc for viewing these..
i too would like this to be available, but the format for most images is proprietary. perhaps the xbmc developers should look to support the adobe dng format (digital negative) which is slated to replace nef, crw, cr2 and other raw formats from slr makers. dng is open to public and has converters on adobe's site for conversion of your images in bulk.
you can download the complete dng specification as a pdf from adobe.
don`t know if will helpful anyone but there it is.
oh heres a link to adobe info page on dng.

cheers b4tm4n.
Nikon RAW image support would be nice.
would love that too ... at least for the big ones, canon, nikon are there much more dslr highlights out ? Wink
native support for RAW images should be added to xbmc, it could be based on the open source dcraw, which already supports the raw file formats of most cameras : http://www.cybercom.net/~dcoffin/dcraw/#cameras

adding the extension to the config file probably works only because most raw files contain a low-resolution jpeg preview.
Some time ago (before Windows/Linux/Mac-versions), XBMC for XBOX did have RAW-support, be it very briefly, because the strain of opening those big files was to big for the XBOX.
So I guess adding it back again for Windows/Linux/Mac should not be that hard.

Somebody cares to make a trac-ticket for it?
don't bother requesting new formats from us.

we do not code our imagelib. we use cximage

it does support dcraw, so please, open that ticket..
I don't think cximage has to be adapted for this.

Changeset 12315 (http://trac.xbmc.org/changeset/12315) added raw support (cr2, nef, dng), apparently just by adding the extensions to the cpp.

Unfortunately changeset 12905 (http://trac.xbmc.org/changeset/12905) removed cr2-support because it was too slow.

The cause appears to be the virtual file system layer.
I'm guessing this is part of XBMC?
the cause isn't the vfs, but rather the one wielding the vfs not knowing how to use it.
So who could I contact to try and get this fixed?
The original author of the patch (Changeset 12315)?
the original author decided to violate our license, then fork and start plex.

feel free to open a ticket @ trac.
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RAW image format files (from digital cameras like Canon, Nikon, etc.) "RAW" photos00