How To: Easy synchronised multiroom audio (inc. Spotify!) using XSqueeze in XBMC
Hi, thanks for that.
After a little more digging, it seems that I have an experimental PVR version installed - I've done a 'apt-get remove xbmc xbmc-standalone --purge', but upon reinstall it seems to put that version back again. I've removed the repos for the PVR versions, and even gone through Synaptic to see if it's still there - it's not.

Still, no matter. It's not worth spending any time on, as this machine won't be in the 'xbmc multiroom' loop anyway. I was just in bed last night and got all excited about this plugin so decided to test it with my HTPC in the bedroom and my laptop.

Just one quick question though, as I have the three different platforms, which would be best to run the SqueezeServer on? ...or will this simply be a matter of experimenting?

Just for others searching the thread:

If you need to change the port on the linux version because you are running both server and xbmc script (with xbmc allowing remote control) on the same machine, then you need to start the server with:
squeezeboxserver --cliport 9091
(Note: You may also need to kill any existing instances of it).
(Note2: If you are running Transmission with the web interface enabled, this uses 9091 by default, so either change this or use a different port for the squeezeserver)

The Logitech wiki says that you should use:
service squeezeboxserver start
to start the service, but I only got 'service not found' error when I did this.

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