How To: Easy synchronised multiroom audio (inc. Spotify!) using XSqueeze in XBMC
1) 'I' does not bring up a 'list of songs' - it brings up a library view of your music collection as Logitech Music Server sees it. What sort of bizarre audio player would randomly choose music when started up??

2) No you don't - you get cover art, artist picture, artist bio, upcoming cover art * 3, upcoming song list * 10 - if you're not, something is not right, but it's pretty well tested.

3) The control screen at the bottom is a pretty accurate mimic of a hardware player. You can control it via remote or keyboard (and soon touch controls). If your mouse/keyboard is not working, your setup is stuffed, you should fix that. But all the basic remote controls work with all normal remotes - volume, skip, play/pause/stop etc. It's pretty easy really.

4) No, it's not. If you're getting lock ups on exit it you probably have disable screensaver active (despite the warnings about that) - or you're not waiting very long to give artists slideshow time to exit (can't control that although I have a new version in test that solves that issue). It shouldn't take more than a few seconds generally.

Seriously, it's reasonably well tested in both Eden and Frodo - so maybe give me a bit more info so we can see what the issue is, e.g. a full debug log.
Sorry, no help w/out a *full debug log*
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How To: Easy synchronised multiroom audio (inc. Spotify!) using XSqueeze in XBMC52
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