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Tell us about XBMC and check out the facebook competition
Regulars to will probably have seen that we have started doing more with the blog side recently, in particular we are looking for writers

One of the categories I want to do more with is media centres, so if anyone is willing to write up a post (or posts) on what XBMC is, what it's strengths are, how it has evolved, where it's going, what addons are available, what things cost, etc then we would love to hear about it, we also want skin showcases, currently we just have one for Aeon MQ3 so if anyone wants to do one for any other skin let us know, just register on the site (if you aren't already) and request to join the " writers guild" group.

We are also currently running a facebook competition with some cool prizes to give away thanks to pulse-eight you can find out more details at and the competition is at
Get and request your ClearLOGOs / ClearART / TV Thumbs / Season Thumbs / Music ClearLOGOs / cdART / Artist Backgrounds / CD Covers from

Tell us about XBMC and check out the facebook competition00