Overlay text onto video
Is it possible to overlay arbitrary text (and possibly images, but that's not as important) over a playlist of videos - is there a plugin I can use or would it be relatively simple to write one?

Ideally it would be changeable whilst running through a web interface or similar.

For those wondering why - the use-case is an event where there will be videos projected and I want to overlay programme information 'Now in Titan arena: Extra Curricular' for example for the guests.

An RSS reader that overlays on video could be one way to go - does one exist?

Finally, I'm hoping to do it all on my Raspberry Pi - I don't think this is relevant, though I may be wrong.

In the video industry it's called gen locking when you overlay one video sig on top of the other. You might be able to pick up some older equipment for not too much money. You might want to look in the home video production forums..

If all you want to do is overlay a bit of text over a video, you might consider a custom sub title which you can make with a text editor and perhaps change the font and colour, I think XBMC allows you to change the position of the sub title...

Raspberry Pi; that will be interesting.
Thanks for your reply and the info.

I did consider using subtitles, but we want the ability to update the displayed messages during playback. I've found a couple of other threads that talk about overlaying an RSS feed and will investigate that. Not sure whether it will just display the text or you also get a big window with 'XBMC RSS Reader' and then the feed details - that wouldn't be optimal...
Try to keep this thread in mind when you finalize a solution, others would like to hear your fix and it might have further reaching application.
There used to be a 'notify' type event in the http interface that I've seen people use to show inbound caller IDs from VoIP phones or even who's ringing the doorbell using a webcam. I suppose you could customise where the skin displays these events to get the effect you're after.
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