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Shuttle XS35GT-V3 - fanless, AMD 7410m, ATOM D2700
Anyone knows the optimal Video and Sound Settings?
I use
in Video -> Playback
Render method: DVXA
Allow hardware acceleration (DVXA2)" yes
Adjust display refresh rate to match video: On start/stop
Pause during refresh rate change: Off
Sync playback to display: Yes
A/V sync method: Audio clock
Allow error in aspect ratio: None
Display 4:3: normal

In system settings
Video output
Display mode: Full Screen #1
Resolution 1920x1080p
Use a fullscreen window: No
Vertical Blank sync: Always enabled

Audio output
Audio output: HDMI
Speaker Configuration: 5.1
Capable receiver: all Yes (since my receiver supports dts hd decoding etc)

Audio output device: WASAPI AMD HDMI output
Passthrough output device: WASAPI AMD HDMI output

Anyone recommends a different configuration?
(Windows 7 64bit, 4gb ram, SSD, Philips 47' TV, Yamaha 473 Receiver (1 week old Smile )...

I recently bought one of these units and I was also having the choppy video playback issue. After a lot of messing around with settings I finally found the setting that seems to clear it up (at least for me). Under Settings -> System -> Video output I disabled the option for "Use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen". Once I turned that off I got perfectly smooth and natural video.
I would also like to contribute a keymap file that is great for those systems
that dont have all the horsepower so that video would be played flawlessly in the background

What it does
By pressing Backspace or Escape key... video stops
as simple as that...(along with the other functions those keys have: back and escape Smile )..

Forgive me if i dont remember the original author of this keymap...

Hello Smile

so kinda really late since last time I said I was going to set it up.
Anyway, got it, installed everything without any issues (W7 SPI x64). But I have a couple of question which it seems no one has stumbled upon so I really hope I'm just being a noob here...
- How do you activate HDMI video output? I installed the AMD's drivers that are on Shuttle's site. But I can't get to activate HDMI... Am I doing something wrong... obviously yes... So far I'm using VGA...
- Did any one manage to find the latest AMD drivers for our graphic card? I don't find them anywhere on there site, this is very confusing... they should be in Notebook-> Radeon HD Series-> Radeon HD 7xxxM Series-> Your OS but it gives you a tool to detect what card you have and it's not working... also when you choose to directly use the auto detect tool, it say that it's a 6xxxM card... (ok was doing some research and on the release notes page of 12.10 the 7400M is there but when you read this:

AMD Mobility Radeon Family Compatibility

AMD Catalyst Mobility is a notebook reference graphics driver with limited support for system vendor specific features. When used with Windows Vista or Windows 7, the user experience may be limited or compromised.

The Installation Verification Software is designed to prevent driver download on certain notebook products. This is to protect against the installing of drivers that may disable features or functionality provided by the system manufacturer. When used with Windows Vista or Windows 7, the user experience may be limited or compromised. In such a situation, it is recommended to revert back to the driver provided by your system vendor for your specific platform. Please contact your system vendor for the most recent drivers for your notebook.

Ok well I guess that in the end if it works alright, there's no need to update them righ? :p sorry for the wall of text...)

Well I have other questions but will try xbmc first Smile

So far so good... ok except that HDMI pb, which I'm sure is not, just me not looking/doing what I should... help :p
Install latest bios and vga drivers from here http://global.shuttle.com/main/productsD...&panelId=2
By plugging hdmi cable to your tv it should auto detect the connection ( without any vga cable present)
Obviously say for a tv you need to set the output to a speicfic hdmi port number.
On the shuttle itself there is more than one hdmi port... did you try the other one? whilst displaying.... that said... it does take a second or two!
Plus update the BIOS to the newest version.... the original version gave me a few funky issues!
Hello Smile

Thx for your answers and to answer your questions:
I've installed the latest BIOS (106), that's actually the first thing I did.

Now I did try it on my TV where I have my PS3, 360 in HDMI and works fine with them, but nothing for the Shuttle, then I tried on my PC monitor and again nothing, could be the HDMI cable maybe?
Will try with the one I use for my PS3... Also when you are under Windows, I have the feeling like something is not activated on the graphic card, like the acceleration for example, it's like something doesn't feel right, but this could be coming from the VGA I guess, maybe not too comfortable handling 1920x1080 :p (it's been ages I haven't used VGA...)

Will let you know Smile
there is a 2nd hdmi port on the machine... try that!
the display should just work irrespective of windows.
All good, it was the HDMI cable for some reason... :p
Good to hear! .. just curious.. anyone NOT liking this for HTPC purposesHuh
Mines on 24/7.. and totally awesome! Smile
Its really great.. (using it only for HTPC)...

One of the best purchases i ever made Smile
I was searching for past couple of weeks for a solid cheap media player which would work great with my nas (decided for wd tv live).
All the time I was looking also for fanless cheap htpc with xbmc, but until I've stumbled across this shuttle nothing was cheap enough for me. Smile
This can fit into my budget (including ram, small ssd and os) and it looks like it is powerful enough for my needs.
There is only one question left - if I connect headphones to shuttle, does the sound goes through hdmi at the same time ?
Thank you.
I think it will have the same reaction as any pc Smile
can someone confirm this,
you are able to play FULL SBS, full 3D bluray ISO ?

ppl have said they can play half sbs, 1080p 2d mkv's at 10mb

I have recently purchased one of these machines. Overall I'm quite happy with it apart from how xbmc renders video onscreen. I'm using the shuttle connected to my 46" Samsung and have found that I get better/sharper/more defined video through VLC than I do through xbmc. Which in some respect gives me faith in the shuttle. I'm finding that xbmc video is slightly more blury and posterized than VLC. Has anyone experienced this and more so - has anyone found a workaround to improve the video quality?
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Shuttle XS35GT-V3 - fanless, AMD 7410m, ATOM D27000
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