Linux DVD issues, several freezes.
Hi all,

i play around with a new installed xbmcbuntu since two days.
Unfortunately there are big problems with DVD playback.
So i experienced freezes again and again if i click the STOP-button.
Sometimes, if i select a button inside the DVD-menu nothing else happens.
At least i did "sudo apt-get upgrade", but that does not help.
By the way, i have only DVD on disk tested, no iso's or real DVD's.

Hope you can help me with this!?

I installed for testing the ubuntu-restricted-extras.
This caused black sceenst aber DVD start.
After that i used sudo apt-get update, followed by upgrade.
This solved the black screen, but not the freezes during navigation in the DVD-menu.
Furthermore i testetd a DVD without a menu and does not got any problems with it.
It seems the problem is constricted to DVD's with menu's.
For your compare i uploaded an second logfile:
See for the correct way to post logs.
I have to apologize for the pasted logfile. Now first post is edited and log linked. Thank you!
A lot of hits but no comments.
I wonder if i am the only one with this problem?
Or did i something else wrong with my request?
Unfortunately the most movies of my collection are stored as DVD-files on hard disk, and a lot of them with menu's.
I aim to replace my W7 Media Center with XBMC, so please help me.

Sincerely, Luxurio
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