Windows - Recent Movies only shows first item

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I mod cirrus skin by switching home.xml with transparency...
And i've successfully added transparency's main menu and cirrus' recently added,
Except, the recently added movies only displays the first item, when i point the mouse at the recently added movies,
it only shows the first title highlighted,
it won't show other movies titles..Any idea why?
The tv shows is also like that..
[Image: recently.jpg]
As you can see it won't show "patch adams" when highlighted

I only change container from (9000) to (5040) to link this to Transparency's home.xml
I don't understand, if it's able to list 8 recent items then what prevents it from retrieving their name & year ?
And strangely, it only lists the leftmost movie..

Here's the home.xml file

And here's IncludesHomeRecentlyAddesMovies.xml

Can anyone help me?
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