Win -  Recent Movies only shows first item
I mod cirrus skin by switching home.xml with transparency...
And i've successfully added transparency's main menu and cirrus' recently added,
Except, the recently added movies only displays the first item, when i point the mouse at the recently added movies,
it only shows the first title highlighted,
it won't show other movies titles..Any idea why?
The tv shows is also like that..
As you can see it won't show "patch adams" when highlighted

I only change container from (9000) to (5040) to link this to Transparency's home.xml
I don't understand, if it's able to list 8 recent items then what prevents it from retrieving their name & year ?
And strangely, it only lists the leftmost movie..

Here's the home.xml file

And here's IncludesHomeRecentlyAddesMovies.xml

Can anyone help me?

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