Linux How-to: ZBOX-id41 pulseudio, ubuntu 12.04 with passthrough audio
With default installation of ubuntu 12.04 one cannot get AC3 and DTS passthrough working with using HDMI and Pulseaudio.

Problem lies in Pulseaudio configuration. Both XBMC and Pulseaudio must be configured to allow audio passthrough . Unfortunately that cannot be accomplished with Ubuntus default sound settings manager. Solution is to use pavucontrol (Pulse Audio volume control).

Necessary steps:
  • Install pavucontrol: sudo apt-get install pavucontrol
  • Open pavucontrol from dash or terminal
  • Choose Output Devices tab
  • Check from HDMI-settings codecs which your amplifier supports (DTS, AC3)
  • Configure your xbmc to use passthrough audio

Hopefully this help other linux users with problems to get passthrough working. Before using pavucontrol I did get passthrough working only by killing pulseaudio and using direct hardware ports.
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How-to: ZBOX-id41 pulseudio, ubuntu 12.04 with passthrough audio00