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Help ... Creative sound card - No Sound :(

I've recently bought this Creative Sound Card, the good news is that it is working flawless in Windows but for some bizarre reason there is no sound coming from the device when used in XBMC.

I am perfectly able to hear sound in Windows Xp from both Analog and Digital (using fiber optic/toslink cable) output when connected to Receiver capable of DTS and Dolby Digital.

Now the card is detected successfully in Xbmc but there is no sound at all. Im only able to hear sound from builtin soundcard (Intel) using this command.
aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav

Can you please help me out with this issue, if you need additional information just lemme know the command and I'll output the result here ... Thanks.

My Goal: Able to passthrough Stereo, DTS and DD (AC3) 5.1 Channel Surround Sound from my Creative PCI Express Card to Receiver using Fiber Optic/Toslink Cable.

PS: I don't care about MP3 playback or whatnot because I got Ipod for that, only my concern is mkv files with 2.0, 5.1(DTS/DD/AC3) passthrough from Creative Sound Card to Audio Receiver.

Help ... Creative sound card - No Sound :(00