Win XBMC altering timestamps
Ever since I started using XBMC again I noticed random movie folders (which are names of movies containing the .mkv, .mp4, etc. movie file) are mysteriously getting their date modified attribute updated to current times. The folder's date created attribute actually doesn't change and neither does any of the date related attributes of the files contained in them. I thought it was because XBMC is set to update the video library on startup but the date modified timestamps don't occur around the time of the startup. Plus XBMC is using the guest account to connect to the shares (SMB) and only has read only permissions. This is an issue because I use the date modified attribute exclusively to manually organize my movies very frequently and its throwing me off big time.

What is XBMC doing to alter folder's date modified attribute? How do I stop it from doing so?

Thanks in advance

P.S. - I'm using a Windows 7 (32-bit) and Apple TV 2 XBMC installation and I'm experiencing this sorting issue when browsing through my movies share on my home desktop (Win7 64-bit). The movies are shared via SMB on my NAS server (Synology DS410, DSM 3.2).
It's not doing anything. The only time XBMC writes to a share is when you export the library to separate files.
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I figured this may be the case. I'll check the Synology forum. Thanks!
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