RC6 remote - Suggestions to improve the default mapping
I am using XBMCBuntu Eden (+ PVR) with a RC6 remote supplied by Microsoft. It works quite well under XBMC, but I believe that the default mapping could be improved.

Below are the first things I would like to improve.

General things
- The "i" (info) button should be mapped to the contextual menu (right click). This is the case in every other Media Center. The informations panel can be mapped to something else such as the Yellow or Teletext button.
- The "PVR shortcuts" (Guide, Recordings, Live TV) should be enabled

For instance, when watching Live TV:
- The Green button (start) should always bring back to the Main menu (currently it opens the play/pause/option menu)
- The Ok button changes the aspect ratio (could be mapped to a minor button e.g. the red button). It should open the play/pause/options menu.

When watching a recording:
- The Back button goes backwards from a few seconds (it should open the menu)

When watching a DVD:
- The "DVD Menu" button does not open the DVD menu

Below are some sample remote.xml and lircmap.xml enabling these modifications. I find this new mapping more natural than the default mapping I have got when starting XBMCbuntu Eden.

      <info>ContextMenu</info> <!-- i button -->
      <mytv>XBMC.ActivateWindowAndFocus(MyPVR, 32,0, 11,0)</mytv>
      <recordedtv>XBMC.ActivateWindowAndFocus(MyPVR, 34,0, 13,0)</recordedtv>
      <title>XBMC.ActivateWindowAndFocus(MyPVR, 31,0, 10,0)</title> <!-- Guide button -->

  <remote device="mceusb">
To a certain extent mappings are a personal preference. I have to say that it would annoy me intensely to have the i button mapped to a context menu.
Yes, but only to a certain extent. The default mappings should be user-friendly, and having to find out that you must press "Guide" to open a context menu is something you cannot guess. The i button is probably the least bad choice (until you find out something better !).
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RC6 remote - Suggestions to improve the default mapping00