Idea For Aeon Eden DVD Jump
Hi new to this so apologies if I have posted incorrectly.

I have an idea I think should feature in the next XBMC Aeon Skin.

Basically I have a very large collection of dvd movies 2000 plus. When I search through them it takes a while to scroll even when pushing the down arrow to scroll quicker. Is there a way a key stroke can be incorporated to allow you to push a letter on the keyboard and it jumps to the movies starting with that corresponding letter. I do appreciate there is a search feature but wanted it it more like itunes that if I want to listen to my various artist I just hit 'V' and it jumps to it.

Also on the new version the letter you were searching for used to appear for a brief moment above the movie covers you where scrolling at high speed, much like when you scroll through your music on your ipod.

Thanks for help in advance.
Have a search for jumpsms or jump - lots of threads on this exact subject.
Press SHIFT+Letter to jump
Thanks so much for that.

Any ideas how to make my harmony 1 remote do the same function please?
The number buttons are normally mapped to the number actions e.g. the "2" button is mapped to the action "Number2" and this inputs a "2" character. There is a different action "JumpSMS2" that behaves a bit like the "2" key on your phone i.e. on the first press it will jump to titles starting with "A", on the second press it jumps to "B" and on the third press it jumps to "C". Using the JumpSMS actions allows you to jump about in long lists using the numeric keys.

Setting this up is pretty easy, but I need to know what operating system you're using XBMC on.
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