3D subtitles [SBS] how to watch?
I am newbie in XBMC, I tried to watch my collection of 3D movies , but the subtitles are not working properly, I downloaded subtitles, but it shows as in 2D movie mode, not 3D, is there workaround for XBMC to show subtitles for 3D SBS ?
I believe the subs need to be hard coded into the file. As far as I know, downloaded subtitles won't work because XBMC would need to then take the subtitles and split it into two images and perfectly align those images for the SBS format.

I could certainly be wrong, I'm not an expert at any of this, but that is my understanding and since no one else was answering I figured I'd take a swing. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that hard coded subs work.
Hi cistehovado,

It is true that XBMC right now doesn't care about side by side movies so if you want subtitles you have to hardcode them in the movie file. Currently, there is no official support in XBMC for 3D content.

As a user I found some time around a complex workaround that allowed me to watch 3d movies with xbmc, but with some limitations. Maybe it doesn't work for you but just in case here it is:

XBMC allows the use of external players for some content. So what I did was configure an option to watch 3D movies with a more 3d subtitles friendly player (like zoomplayer for example) and then add it to xbmc following this instructions: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=External_players

Now when I want to watch a 3d movie I go to the file, press C (or whatever key you use to bring up the context menu) and select whatch using external player...

And there it goes.

As I said it has setbacks. For example if you have a remote control with hardcoded keys asigned for xbmc functions, those probably won't work for other players... but anything can be worked-around. The only question is the time you are willing to dedicate...
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