help with encoding Planet Earth
Not sure if this is the correct place to post, but I was wondering if anyone could give some suggestions with encoding the BBC Planet Earth series. I rip the individual files to mkv using makemkv and I cannot get them to play correctly on any of the players I've tried. Popcorn Hour, VLC, DVDplayer, all of them struggle with these files. During close up shots or panning there is a ripple effect and some sort of macroblocking but not like usual. I'm sure the player is setup correctly and the Popcorn Hour plays pretty much every video to perfection so it has to be something with the videos. I read on another forum that BBC does an interlacing for their videos and this could be causing the problem. I ran one of the episodes through Ripbot264 and I got the same results. Does anyone know of a good encoder to fix this issue? Below is a shot of the media info.

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Might be better off asking on the MakeMKV site...

Life hack guide to ripping Blu-Rays
Thanks, I guess I could try their suggestion for using handbrake. I typically prefer to use Ripbot whenever possible (I hardly ever encode videos). It's not a ripping issue though, I've ripped over 400 Blurays with MakeMKV and have not had any problems. MakeMKV won't be able to help with codec or scan type issues as it simply rips what is on the disc. The only few videos I have encoded were TV Blurays just to reduce some size - no need to have 100's of GB used up for the Twilight Zone lol.
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Transcode it with HB - I recall Planet Earth not playing properly in its native format as well.

Human Planet is even worse - 1080i VC1...oh god, the horror...have to use RipBOT in a Windows VM for that.
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To the OP, it's not any kind of copy protection if that's what you thought. The issue is that Planet Earth is encoded VC-1 Interlaced. There are not that many Blu-rays that are encoded that way but for those that are they are a pita. The Dark Knight is also VC-1 Interlaced. Sad I spent three days trying to copy it and countless hours on numerous forums trying to find an answer to the riddle.

I use RipBot264 to transcode my Blu-ray copies to try and keep the file sizes down and still maintain a high quality video and audio transfer. I also crop out the borders as well. Ripbot264, Handbrake and even MakeMKV all use ffdshow to transcode and use a file called avs2avi.exe to crop out the borders and if the codec is VC-1 Interlaced it makes avs2avi.exe unresponsive.

Has anybody at all been successful at transcoding and cropping a VC-1 Interlaced Blu-ray and if so how did you do it?
I have ripped plenty of Vc-1 encoded blurays,(mostly BBC documenteries) full rips no cropping ect.. and they play fine on the latest nightly XBMC
Yeah it will let me rip them but it won't allow me to rip and crop it without avisynth and ffdshow becoming unresponsive and I have the most up-to-date versions of both.
I have planet earth ripped using makemkv. With older xbmc versions, blocks were visible when the camera pans. Now with Gotham, they play real smooth.
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