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PseudoTV Manager
My Program allows for ease of access to change the TV Network as well as Genres.

It also allows you to easily modify the PseudoTV XML file to your liking, without having to manually create rule such as : Random Mode, Changing the title, etc.

I found it too complex to read for my liking so I created a Program to do all of the work for me.

It also cleans up the XML file for PseudoTV which I noticed can become quite cluttered, easily;

Here's some screenshots:
Granted, there's still some troubleshooting to do but I will fix the bugs and make it look a little prettier, then release it here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Looks nice. I have a request.

Is it possible to show us the shows we have that are included in more than one genre and/or channel?

This is a much needed addition to the PseudoTV addon! If you need any beta testers I would love to help in any way I can. I never could manage to get through setting up PseudoTV and all the channels/rules/adv. rules... I useually lost interest about half way through the configuration because it was so awkward using the plugins built in config tool. If you do need any beta testing just PM me....
interesting idea, I'll give it a whirl if you release a copy
Noli illegitimi carborundum

Unfortunately I literally just suffered a failed HDD on my machine today. Luckily I backed it up a few days ago but I have to run and buy/install a new HDD so it'll be a few days before I have a released version unfortunately.

Sorry to hear that. Can't wait to try it out, though. Seems like something I could use!
Sucks about your HDD problems. I know the feeling!

I'm looking forward to the utility though. I've just started using PseudoTV, and I'm liking it a lot.
Quick Links: debug log (wiki) | userdata (wiki) | advancedsettings (wiki) | adding videos to the library (wiki)
Looks like a very useful application. Looking forward to your release.
any ETA for this? I would like to try it out.
+10000 really want this.
This looks like a great program, any updates on the release yet?
(2012-09-09, 23:18)ryanz Wrote: This looks like a great program, any updates on the release yet?


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