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Read Numbers in Movie Titles as The Word Versions
What I am asking is that when movies have numbers in them, both the search and ordering look at the word version:
21 Jump Street
Read as: Twenty-One Jump Street
3 Ninjas
Read as: Three Ninjas
Read as: Three Hundred
Not a bad idea, at least as an option.

In the short term, you can probably do this with <sorttitle> in an nfo file: Import-export library (wiki)

Yea, currently you would have to manually edit the titles of the movies, which could easily be done in the http web interface with the XWMM add on.

Not sure why you want this though as the numbers are the "proper" movie name as it is what is scraped from imdb or tmdb
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More or less for organization purposes, and already use sort title to accomplish most of this (no method to do this with movie sets). Thank you for your responses

Read Numbers in Movie Titles as The Word Versions00