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Windows - windows 7 SMB apple tv 2 with xbmc Connection refused
Hello everyone,

I hope i put this were i should, as im new, and also a real noob.. so also when explaining pls talk to me like a noob so i really understand it :p

i have a jailbroken apple tv 2, i did that myself, everything went good.. so maybe not that much of a noob :p..

however, i have v 11 eden, network through linksys e3000 connected to windows 7
internet works, no problem with that

now i want to try to watch videos / pictures etc from my pc on my apple tv 2.
now theres the problem..

first i did not get a connection at all (after watching alot of videos, i finally got to work that i can see WORKGROUP through SMB)

i click workgroup, then i have 2 choices, which 1 of them is my computer, but when i click that it says Connection refused (the other one is i think my iphone)
ive tried disable firewall, and i disabled the windows live..

still connection refused ??

thats question 1 ...

and if i may also ask, its also ok if i can add my external hd to my linksys e3000 , which has an usb port, but how can i detect it on apple tv 2 ? cuz i can not find it anywhere..

if either 1 of these problems can be fixed , u really made my day Smile


oh and im sorry if my english is maybe not perfect, im Dutch..

Did you set up your videos folder on the Win7 desktop to be sharable? This would also be how you add your external HD.
yes i did.. i followed a yt video for that.. its shared.. i also shared more folders to be sure
and when i go to my computer i see Network, and it says my computer name, and it has the folders in there, and it says Shared

so that would be good ?

(i have 1 "test" folder on Desktop as share, and the rest is in my documents and on my hd or do they HAVE to be on desktop?, i think shared is good right?)

Thank you Smile
I had to troubleshoot this (or a very similar) issue for a family member recently, but his shares were on XP not Win7. I'm firing up a Win7 VM to see how much of this applies to your situation, but how I fixed it on his system was to disable Simple File Sharing (should be off by default on Win7 if I'm not mistaken) and then go to the folder properties, sharing tab, click security, select 'Everyone' and check the Full Control box. Then check the box that applies the settings to child folders and files, click apply, and everything finally worked as expected from his ATV and ATV2 boxes.
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ok thnx
i will try that

just, where is disable simple file sharing ? as everythin on my pc is in dutch..
i did that with the folder what u said..

now im checking to add source on xbmc (its called add videos on mine tho)
but now i see workgroup.. then only 1 name.. cant see my computers name anymore :S

really frustrating :p

maybe its easyer and faster if i can just add my external hd with usb cable to my linksys e3000 ?

how would i find it in xbmc..?

thnx Smile
anyone... ?
still no1..? Sad

i just upgraded to ios5.3 on my apple tv 2 and I cannot connect to my smb windows files, like I did before the update. when I go into workgroup on the apple tv it says invalid argument. can anyone please help

windows 7 SMB apple tv 2 with xbmc Connection refused00