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Solved Issue - Changed, but problem
So I updated to Eden 11.0 from 10.1. In 10.1 I had my movie and T.V. libraries display the fanart just fine.

Now when I updated to Eden I get this


The fanart for all my movies are not there just the reel movie thing, however if I right mouse click on any movie and select "Movie Information" I can see in the background the fanart picture. If I click on the fanart button, it is there for each movie. This is also the same for all my T.V. shows.

How do I get back my fanart?[/php]
I wanted to add what it use to look like in XBMC 10.1. Same movie and the same with all other movies, the fanart is there.



I bet you've already figured this out but if not it's in this menu


Actually that was a second post I made. That "kiosk mode" pop up does not appear on my system. If I go to the settings and turn it off (this is in 10.1) and then go to my movies then yes, I get that exact pop up. But once I update to eden 11.0 and I turn the same button off and go to the movies, it never pops up. If I turn the button on and go back to movies, I still cannot get the pop up. In my case, it only seems to work in 10.1.

Any ideas?
Oh right - must have been an issue with the upgrade from Dharma to Eden - the remembered skin settings look to have got mixed up.

If you go into skin options and click reset skin that would likely fix things (although you would need to redo any skin customisations you'd previously made).

Weird, so I did install Eden twice before and in both occasions same results. Today I tried and same results. Read your note so I installed it again and now I got the fanart and the kiosk pop up without even touching the skin reset option.

Thanks for your replies, but I have two more questions.

1) In the Eden version, are the fonts on everything suppose to be that big? I am on a 1920 x 1200 screen and it looks like the fonts are 800 x 600, but maybe that is part of the new look. Just checking on that

2) I have the settings set in the skin add ons to display the newly added movies and t.v. episodes, but nothing does appear. Just the list of recent episodes and movies, but no images. Should resetting the skin fix that or is this something else?

Thanks again Sharpe, the skin is awesome, been MY default for XBMC. Thanks for the great skin.
Cheers Smile

That sounds like something's wrong - the fonts shouldn't have changed much - have you by chance enabled "Large" fonts under appearance settings? If you have change them back to default. I'm not sure about issue 2 - do the images show up fine in the library views?
Weird, I saw an update to an add on and now the fonts are correct (under appearance it is default). Then I looked around and my fanart was missing again. So I did what you said earlier, I reset the skin and all is well, still the preview to new movies and episodes are not there


Do you think I have an add on issue?
I got it to work. I went back and did another reset skin. Still no joy so I exited out, waited for some hard drive activity to die out, logged back in and all is there;

normal fonts
fanart is being presented
new added episodes and movies are now presented

Could there be some issues with some files during the upgrade? Is there some sort of maintenance I can do asides from the library clean up? Maybe some files in some folders which I can look at and make sure what's there belongs there?

Again, thank you for getting me this far. 2 more computer to upgrade after this one.
Glad you got it working - yep I think you're right it seemed to all stem from the update to Eden. I can't really think of anything to do in order to maintain things but it seems you shouldn't have any issues now. I think XBMC just needs time to build the new library database structure and then link the fanart and thmbs up correctly - but don't quote me. Good luck with the other 2 upgrades,
So I got the second one done, just deleted the old one and then installed the new one cleanly. Still a couple of issues, but it does seem to stem from XBMC itself. I can see that there are a lot of folders and files that are left behind even though you "uninstall" an add on. This is messy and should really be looked at by the team. I found numerous ones that at one time I had installed only to later remove, but low and behold the files are still there.

Once removing the "dead files" a lot of things happened more quickly like changes. No more pauses for no reason, maybe as you mentioned, the database trying to work things out, but all that extra stuff does not help.

Another strange feature is the kiosk again. Maybe just my system (both now), if enabled, you cannot use the curser to bring it up. It is now;
Movies - the up and down arrows. Up = brings pop up, Down = closes pop up
T.V. - right arrow = brings up pop up, left arrow closes pop up

Again, many thanks and great eye on the way you created Back Row!!!

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